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Our family owned and operated business spans nearly three decades of cumulative automotive and business experience in the after-market auto parts industry. We have the know-how to sell high quality auto parts and used power train components. We use top industry technology to afford efficient service, great rates and fast shipping. But we keep our budget and controls to reasonable measures.

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Being too big in a difficult economy causes major problems to the consumer. We limit ourselves, when necessary. We limit exposure, sometimes. We keeping product available to demand. But we cautiously watch for excessive overhead. We limit liabilities. This proves an affordable, sustainable, and reliable business. It gives us the ability to service you well. Your auto parts can come from a variety of sources shipped from one of several warehouses across the United States. The majority of remanufactured auto parts or rebuilt auto parts are tooled and machined under our own employ. In this way we reduce costs.


Also, in this way, we determine quality. All used auto parts must past routine check points and several different inspection points en route. And we deal only with reputable alliances. Your part might be shipped direct from a salvage yard, a dealership or one of our own warehouses. It depends on whether we know the source is reliable and trustworthy. In this way, we can truly claim "high quality" used auto parts. You are able to rely upon quality parts and distinguished services because we've forged strong partnerships over the last few decades.

Then, we treat everyone like gold. Our employees and partners all understand our core principles of integrity. We pay some of the highest wages in the industry, offer bonuses and incentives for productivity, creativity and ingenuity. We value integrity in action by compensating our employees appropriately and ensuring our behavior is the epitome of respect, tolerance and fairness. It makes for good business. It ensure happy customers, even under the most difficult circumstances. There is no greater principle for a sustainable business model than mutual respect and responsibility.

And being responsible include the consequences to our beautiful blue earth. We take pride in knowing our services inherently participate in a greener environment. The exchange of core auto parts is a genuine recycling process. Each rebuildable auto part, engine or transmission is one more automotive component that doesn't make it to the land fill. All automotive components that are not at rebuildable criteria are recycled by our company. Sometimes this extra step is not cost-prohibitive, but we endure because we know our role in the environment is crucial. All children and grandchildren deserve a healthy sustainable future.

It is our primary purpose to be clear and concise to all our clients. And this includes transparency on financial matters. With trillions of used auto parts circling the globe, various warranties, financial obligations, mechanical precisions, vehicular compatibilities, condition of used auto parts and, even, legal issues vary to great details. So, it's important to reach us directly. We work one-on-one with each customer. In this way you get transparency and clarity when you purchase used auto parts from our family-owned business. It's just the right thing to do.


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