2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition Takes Ford v Ferrari Story into Modern Era

2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition Takes Ford v Ferrari Story into Modern Era

  • ford is offering two new variants of the 2021 gt, notably the heritage edition, which looks a bit like the winning black, white, and red cars from 55 years ago.
  • the "heritage" here refers to the gt40's first-ever 24-hour endurance win back in 1966, as well as the le mans victory later that year.
  • the other variant is the studio collection, which offers customized color combinations and is limited to 40 units.

    in case you missed the big-budget hollywood movie all about it, ford would like to remind you again that it once won le mans. back in 1966. and that it was kind of a big deal.

    if you care about these sorts of things, then you probably saw ford v ferrari, and the new 2021 ford gt heritage edition is probably something you're interested in. the new version of the gt celebrates ford's first 24-hour win from 55 years ago at the daytona 24-hour endurance race. the gt40 mark ii that took first place in february 1966 signaled what was to come four months later, when three of these vehicles took the top three spots at le mans in june 1966.

    never one to let go of past victories, ford is ready to let its buyers in on the action with the heritage edition, all decked out in a 98 roundel graphic on the sides, frozen white exterior paint, and an exposed carbon-fiber hood. there are also asymmetrical race red accents sprinkled throughout the car: on the front fascia, roof edge, driver's-side door, and underneath the rear wing. the four corners get treated to something special, too, with heritage gold 20-inch aluminum wheels and red lacquered brembo monoblock brake calipers. ford says this gt is the first to feature a livery that was made famous at a race other than le mans.

    the interior features black alcantara suede on the instrument panel, headliner, and steering wheel rim and it brings the red theme inside through anodized red paddle shifters and red alcantara suede performance seats.

    if you still can't get enough of this race from 55 years ago, ford is also offering a heritage upgrade package that replaces the gold wheels with 20-inch exposed carbon-fiber wheels and black monoblock calipers. interior differences with the upgrade package are limited to "ghosted 98 roundels" on the driver and passenger carbon-fiber door panels.
    as cool as this all might be, what the new car doesn't have is self-driving capability, so if you want to race it for 24 hours, you're going to need a co-pilot. but if you're going to be using it for more standard track events and you appreciate the heritage, it's time to place a call to your ford dealer.

    plus, a studio collection

    alongside the heritage edition, ford also announced another gt variant, this one called the ford gt studio collection. it includes a new graphics package that will let a small number of gt buyers make their 660-hp rides further stand out from the crowd. the studio collection variants will be available with seven standard customizable colors (as well as an "extended palette offering endless color combination") and design features, including functional cooling ducts.

    ford is going to start delivering the 2021 gt early next year and will end production of the gt in 2022. only 40 ford gt buyers will be allowed to get the studio collection treatment for their gt across the 2021 and 2022 model years, so there's probably a reason to act sooner rather than later if you're all in on ford.

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