2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Gets Touch-Sensitive Steering Wheel

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Gets Touch-Sensitive Steering Wheel

  • the 2021 mercedes-benz e-class will feature three new steering wheels with all-new touch-sensitive technology.
  • the rims of the steering wheels have a two-zone sensor that can detect if the driver's hands are on the wheel.
  • expect to see the new e-class and mercedes-amg e53 in dealers at the end of this year.

    mercedes-benz will roll out a new touch-sensitive steering wheel this summer on the new 2021 e-class. the company's biggest-selling model series of all time is also refreshed with redesigned exterior styling and new powertrains.

    the steering wheel's rim has a two-zone sensor that can tell if the driver's hands are on the steering wheel, meaning movement isn't required to tell the vehicle's driver-assist systems that the car is under control. in addition to the sensors on the outer rim, there are touch-control buttons on the spokes that work with digital signals.

    the new steering wheels can be had in three different configurations: sport, luxury, and supersport. the airbag is concealed in a central, spherical housing, and the spokes and rim are different on each version. the supersport (pictured above) features a flat bottom and a three-spoke design. the luxury steering wheel (pictured below) features three spokes that mercedes says are meant to be shaped like the calla lily.

    additional driver-assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, and park assist have also been updated to the latest generation on the new e-class.

    the 2021 mercedes-benz e-class and amg e53 are set to go on sale at the end of this year, and pricing has yet to be announced.


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