2021 Porsche Panamera Sets Record at the Nürburgring

2021 Porsche Panamera Sets Record at the Nürburgring

  • porsche has set a new executive-class lap record at the nürburgring nordschleife with the upcoming 2021 panamera.
  • porsche won't yet reveal which panamera model achieved the record or give any additional details on the new car's powertrain—but we think it was a turbo s.
  • the new panamera lapped the green hell in 7:29.81 with porsche test driver lars kern behind the wheel.

    the 2021 porsche panamera has set a new nürburgring nordschleife lap record for executive-class cars, a category used in europe that also includes the mercedes-benz s-class and the bmw 7-series. the new panamera, likely a powerful 620-hp turbo s model, lapped the 12.9-mile course in 7:29.81 with porsche test driver lars kern behind the wheel. the 2021 panamera is scheduled to make its official debut later this month.

    that does not make it the fastest four-door around the green hell, though. that title goes to the jaguar xe sv project 8, which lapped the 12.9-mile course in 7:23.164 in 2019. however, the jag is in the midrange class, which includes cars such as the bmw 3-series and the alfa romeo giulia. another executive-class car, the mercedes-amg gt63 s, lapped the course in 7:30.11 in 2018. these lap times reflect the now official 12.94-mile course, which was mandated last year by the 'ring in order to set a record. prior to that, some manufacturers would set times on a 12.8-mile lap.

    porsche has only revealed a few technical specs on the new panamera, including that most models will have a slight increase in power (the top turbo s e-hybrid will reach the 700-hp barrier), and it'll get enhancements to its cornering stability, body control, steering, and chassis. the car that set the record was also equipped with porsche's active anti-roll bars and new sticky michelin pilot sport cup 2 rubber, which will be optional at launch, as well as a racing seat and a safety cage.

    we'll learn more about the 2021 porsche panamera at the end of this month, and it should arrive in the u.s. by next year starting at just under $90,000.

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