2022 GMC Hummer Brings Back Big Name for 1000-HP Monster of a Pickup

2022 GMC Hummer Brings Back Big Name for 1000-HP Monster of a Pickup

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  • the 2022 gmc hummer is a four-door electric pickup truck with a 350-mile range that makes 1000 horsepower and at least 1000 lb-ft of torque.
  • at launch, the ultra-loaded edition 1 pickup will be the only model available and will cost $112,595.
  • the hummer truck will be joined next year by a gmc hummer electric suv.

    hummer, in its prior incarnation, was a purveyor of militarized gm trucks that looked aggressive but weren't functionally much different from their chevy relatives. superficial though the differences were, hummer spawned legions of what gm calls "passionate detractors," some of whom were prone to firebombing dealerships. in a plot twist that nobody would've foreseen back when there was an h2 parked outside every tanning salon from tampa to secaucus, hummer is back for 2022 and building—record scratch—electric trucks. or, in hummer's formulation, electric "supertrucks."

    we're inclined to excuse the hyperbole, given the product. the 2022 gmc hummer ev (yes, hummer is now a sub-brand of gmc) is a departure, in pretty much every way possible, from anything gm builds. its debut offering is a four-door pickup with 1000 horsepower, at least 1000 lb-ft of torque, and a claimed zero-to-60-mph time of 3.0 seconds. it has 35-inch-tall tires, four-wheel steering, and removable roof panels. range is 350 miles and an 800-volt dc fast charger can add 100 miles of range in 10 minutes. edition 1, the decked-out launch model, will cost $112,595. this is not a rebodied chevy tahoe.

    the gmc hummer ev promises to recalibrate our expectations for pickup trucks and present an immediate rival to rivian and other upcoming electric trucks from bollinger, tesla, and nikola. it's difficult to place the hummer in our existing truck context. is it a half-ton? is it heavy-duty? or is it a high-speed off-road specialist, like a ford raptor or ram trx? gm hasn't yet released weight, payload, or towing numbers, but it seems like the answer is yes, to everything.

    assuming you can find a trail wide enough to accommodate it (like the raptor and hd trucks, the hummer has three running lights front and rear because it's so wide), the hummer should be a force off-road. the standard tires are 35-inch-tall 305/70r-17 goodyear wrangler all territory mts, with 37s offered as a dealer-installed option. the second year will bring beadlock wheels. four-wheel steering can point the rear tires opposite the fronts up to 10 degrees, enabling a 37.1-foot turning circle, or can align in phase for crab mode. the four-wheel independent suspension provides 13 inches of travel, with the optional air suspension allowing 8.0 inches of height adjustability between its lowest mode and "extract," its highest. in that setting, the suspension is six inches higher than normal mode, basically at full rebound, for conquering high-center situations or low-speed obstacles. in extract mode, the hummer's approach angle is nearly 50 degrees. that feature won't be available on the initial trucks; it'll be added via a software update on 2022 models and become a regular feature for 2023.

    all edition 1 hummer evs will have a three-motor setup, with one motor on the front axle and two on the rear, diametrically opposed and sharing a housing. the front motor is paired with a locking differential, and the rear ones can electronically mimic a locked diff (or, presumably, an open one or a wild torque-vectoring one). rock sliders are standard on edition 1, with the following year bringing optional retractable running boards. rock-crawling antics are aided by 18 camera views, including two underbody cameras, which include washers. hill descent control uses a combination of the hydraulic brakes and regenerative braking, recapturing some energy while you're creeping down that mountainside.

    on-road, the hummer ev offers a theatrical launch control mode called watts to freedom that lowers the suspension, vibrates the haptic seat, and cues up racy ev sounds from the stereo. other than that, it sounds like standard launch-control stuff: left foot on the brake, right foot floors the accelerator, pop your foot off the brake, and do zero to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds. gm hasn't precisely nailed down power output but says horsepower will be "about 1000" and torque between 1000 and 1100 lb-ft. without activating launch control, which also conditions the battery, the everyday zero-to-60-mph time (in adrenaline mode) is four seconds. so you'll want watts to freedom if you plan to line up against a challenger hellcat redeye.

    while the hummer h2 and h3 were all about co-opting the military aesthetic of the original h1, the theme for the gmc hummer ev goes in a different direction: outer space. the speaker grilles depict the sea of tranquillity (the landing site for apollo 11), and the dead pedal is in the shape of a moon-boot footprint. is gm suggesting that this vehicle is a moonshot? we need more lunar clues.

    should you care to do some stargazing, nearly the entire roof is removable, via four panels that store in vinyl bags or optional foam "pizza boxes" that fit in the front trunk. the panels above the front seats rest on a central bar that is also removable, opening up the entire overhead area up front. the rear roof panels are bisected by another bar that ties into a lateral brace that spans the b-pillars. this top support structure is in the shape of the letter t. we're wondering what to call it, because it seems novel. perhaps "roof top panels in the shape of the letter t"? maybe there's something more succinct and catchy, but we'll go with that for now.

    gm's super cruise with automatic lane changing will be standard equipment. gm tapped epic games, the company behind fortnite, to provide its unreal engine software for the infotainment graphics. prepare for a cross-promotional tie-in where the fortnite flying school bus is a hummer.

    gm ceo mary barra pushed an aggressive development timeline for the hummer ev—only 18 months—and production starts about a year from now at the hamtramck plant, which gm rechristened plant zero. all 2022 models will be edition 1, and all will be painted white with a black roof and riding on bronze-colored wheels. those trucks will be loaded with every option and the biggest battery, which has 24 modules and is an integral part of the structure. gm won't reveal capacity yet, but to get a 350-mile range out of something this huge, we'd guess at least 150.0 kwh—and that's if the hummer matched the efficiency of a tesla model x performance with 22-inch wheels, which is rated at 43.o kwh per 100 miles.

    subsequent 2023 models of the hummer ev will start at $79,995 and climb to $89,995 and $99,995, depending on range and options. the first two trims will use a two-motor drive system, with the $99,995 truck getting the three-motor system. an suv variant will also arrive for 2023.

    so that's what we know so far. hummer is back with a 1000-hp convertible off-road monster that can be powered by good old-fashioned american sunshine—a hummer that wasn't technically possible when gm axed the brand a little more than a decade ago. we like it. now can we get a 1000-horsepower saab wagon?

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