2022 Kia Sedona Redesigned to Be More SUV-Like, and It Looks Good

2022 Kia Sedona Redesigned to Be More SUV-Like, and It Looks Good

  • kia has released the first exterior photos of the 2022 sedona minivan.
  • it has a few crossover-inspired styling touches but still looks like a minivan to us.
  • the 2022 sedona should arrive in the u.s. sometime in 2021.

    kia's newest minivan is here, and it looks good. the 2022 sedona, which is called the carnival in other markets, is attempting to shed the van image with a few suv-inspired styling touches, but we remain unconvinced. this fourth-generation sedona remains a minivan through and through, and an attractive one at that.

    the new model's longer hood and contrasting-color c-pillar may accentuate its chunkier proportions, but it still has the sliding doors and large glass area that clearly identify it as a people-carrier—not that that's a bad thing. kia also fitted a skid plate to the front end, which is particularly silly considering that the sedona isn't likely to be doing any off-roading. the rear features a full-width led taillight setup.

    we've only seen exterior photos so far, and we expect the new sedona's interior to take a big step forward in terms of upscale materials and available technology features. kia also hasn't released any mechanical details about the new sedona, although we expect it will continue with front-wheel drive and a naturally aspirated v-6 engine.

    more details will be coming soon as kia prepares to launch the new van globally. american buyers can expect the 2022 sedona to arrive in the u.s. sometime in early 2021.

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