BMW Teases i8 Roadster ... Again

 BMW Teases i8 Roadster ... Again

First, a fact: The BMW i8 coupe is cool as hell. Maybe it's not a pure sports car, and it's certainly pricey, but it's also one of the few cars on the road today that looks at all like what you imagined cars would look like in 2014 — its debut year — when you were a kid.

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The coolness factor has made the process of revealing a roadster version of the i8 all the more agonizing. Convertible concepts of the i8 have been around since 2012 ... and, in case you hadn't noticed, it's 2017 now.

In the latest teaser, four i8 roadsters covered in some very light vinyl-wrap camouflage engage in spirited driving while chased by an i8 coupe. The video includes no new information — like, oh, a release date — but hopefully we'll have one soon.


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