Cheapest Daily Drivers: Window Shop with Car and Driver

Cheapest Daily Drivers: Window Shop with Car and Driver

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this episode of our window shop with us series is a little different. instead of challenging c/d editors to find a certain type of vehicle that fits a defined price point, we simply set out to find the cheapest car that we would daily drive.

of course, some of us had higher standards for our daily drivers and some of us. . .did not. a few of the finds demonstrated questionable taste, such as the terrifying vw off-road buggy that technology editor roberto baldwin came across. but there were some nice e46 bmw 3-series models, a few vw cabrios, and a whole cadre of ford motor company products from technical editor dave beard to round things out. we even stumbled across a craigslist scam listing and pointed out the best ways of spotting fake posts.

check out the video above and let us know what you'd like to see in future window shop videos.

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