Ford Bronco Riptide Is a Beachgoing SUV Thanks to New Accessories

Ford Bronco Riptide Is a Beachgoing SUV Thanks to New Accessories

  • the ford bronco riptide is a custom-built concept designed, ford says, for a “west coast lifestyle.”
  • the riptide features an led light bar, mirror-mounted off-road lights, a bestop mesh top, and prototype mounts to attach the two almond surfboards overhead.
  • the riptide is based on a four-door bronco with the sasquatch package and the optional ecoboost 2.7-liter v-6.

    after delays due to coronavirus-related supplier issues, production of the much-awaited 2021 ford bronco finally began in june, and over the past month reservation holders have started to receive their brand-new off-roaders. now ford has unveiled the 2021 bronco riptide concept, a custom-built vehicle designed to show off how bronco buyers can use the ford accessories available at their local dealership to give their bronco a unique, personal feel.

    bronco color and materials designer missy coolsaet explains that the bronco riptide was designed for "a customer who enjoys the open air and a free-spirited west coast lifestyle," and with two almond surfboards strapped on top, the project certainly calls to mind stereotypical californian imagery. the bronco riptide is based on a 2021 four-door bronco with the sasquatch package, which brings all of the off-road goodies—like 35-inch tires and bilstein shock absorbers—and should make the riptide especially nimble over beach dunes.

    the bronco riptide is painted in velocity blue, a factory color option available on 2021 broncos which, ford says, "is meant to evoke tropical ocean hues." the interior is a subtle mix of black onyx and dark space gray, and the rubberized washout flooring will come in handy when you emerge from the waves covered in sand. the riptide includes many factory- or dealer-installed accessories, including a rigid led light bar, mirror-mounted auxiliary off-road lights, and a bestop mesh top. the two surfboards are affixed on two prototype crossbars, and the steel front bumper is a prototype designed by ford specifically for the riptide.

    the riptide concept comes with the optional ecoboost 2.7-liter v-6, producing 330 horsepower and mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission. customers can order the riptide parts from their dealership when buying a bronco, ford says.

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