Ford Has Finally Started Building the 2021 Bronco

Ford Has Finally Started Building the 2021 Bronco

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  • the 2021 ford bronco has entered production and will reach reservation holders in the coming weeks.
  • production was delayed due to coronavirus-related supplier issues, and suvs equipped with the off-road-focused sasquatch package and seven-speed manual transmission are still delayed until next year.
  • the bronco is available in six trim levels starting at $29,995 for the two-door model.

    the arrival of the new ford bronco off-road suv was delayed due to coronavirus-related supplier issues, but now production has started, ford has announced. the two- and four-door broncos are coming off the assembly line at ford's michigan assembly plant and will reach customers who reserved them in the coming weeks.

    these broncos are for the 2021 model year and are filling more than 125,000 customer orders from reservation holders, ford says. the 2022 model year will begin production at the end of the year, so future reservation holders will likely have to wait until next year. still delayed until next year are broncos ordered with the off-road-focused sasquatch package, which adds 35-inch tires, heavy-duty bilstein shock absorbers, and a manual transmission.

    the bronco debuted last summer in two- and four-door versions with removable doors and roofs, targeting the jeep wrangler. the bronco comes standard with a 300-hp turbocharged 2.3-liter inline-four paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. a seven-speed manual is available. there's also a 330-hp twin-turbo 2.7-liter v-6, but it's only available with the automatic.

    pricing starts at $29,995 for the two-door model and $34,695 for the four-door, and six trim levels are available with varying equipment. there are also more than 200 factory-installed accessories available. some ford dealers will build dedicated bronco showrooms, according to an earlier report.

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