GM Teases Two New Zero-Emission Commercial Vehicles, a Truck and a Van

GM Teases Two New Zero-Emission Commercial Vehicles, a Truck and a Van

general motors
  • ceo mary barra said gm is working on two new zero-emission commercial vehicles: a full-size battery-electric chevy cargo van and a medium-duty truck that will use batteries and gm's hydrotec hydrogen fuel-cell technology.
  • these new zero-emission vehicles will complement gm's new brightdrop business, which will offer electric delivery products like a warehouse-style motorized cart and the ev600 van.
  • all of these cleaner commercial vehicles will join a gm ev lineup that also includes electric pickup trucks from chevy and gmc and the hummer ev.

    get ready to add a few new lines to the list of electrified gm vehicles. on an analyst call this week, ceo mary barra said general motors will introduce two new zero-emission vehicles for its commercial customers. these will be a full-size battery-electric cargo van that will carry the chevrolet name and a medium-duty truck that will be powered by both the company's ultium electric batteries and its hydrotec hydrogen fuel-cell technology. for those of you used to gm's gas-powered vehicles, these new evs could replace or complement the current express van and silverado 4500hd (pictured below).

    gm ceo mary barra announced the new vehicles during a conference call with analysts following the release of gm's second-quarter results, but she did not offer many more details.

    the battery-powered van "will exceed the expectations of small-business owners, tradespeople, and everyone else who has been well served by the chevy express," barra said on the call. "we will have electric solutions for almost any hauling or towing job you can imagine."

    other upcoming gm electric models include electric pickup trucks from chevy and gmc as well as the hummer ev.

    earlier this year, gm launched a new business called brightdrop and said it will offer electric delivery products for release later this year. the new electric vans will be designed for standard and "last mile" delivery solutions for commercial customers. two vehicles have been announced so far. the ep1 is a small, electrified pallet that can be used by a person to move boxes around a warehouse or down a sidewalk. the ev600 is a more standard on-road delivery van, with a target range of 250 miles and 600 cubic feet of cargo space. medium- and long-distance delivery vehicles are also planned. the first brightdrop vehicles will be delivered later this year.

    barra said both the new zero-emission van and truck announced this week "will complement brightdrop and keep our commercial fleet market share growing." she said the company will share more details about all of these electrified products in the future.

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