Hell Yes: Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Burnout Gallery

Hell Yes: Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Burnout Gallery

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon does a number of things incredibly well: going fast, intimidating skilled drivers, screaming. We finally got to drive it ourselves recently, and hot damn, is it fun to heat up those tires.

That's not just fun to do, however — it's part of the proper procedure to launch the Demon to its quickest possible times in the quarter-mile. To light up its uniquely spec'd Nitto drag radials, you enter the SRT menu pages on the main touchscreen and activate the Demon's line-lock feature. This applies brake pressure to the front brakes only and lets the rear tires spin freely. Step on the gas to spin those tires, and soon you'll sit in a cloud of tire smoke while burnt rubber flies all over.

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So, here's a collection of images of the Demon that starts with some devilishly delicious burnouts. At Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, we shot the Demon getting ready to launch. We also shot it doing the same thing when it was revealed in April at the New York International Auto Show. Because you can't have too many shots of this stuff.

Click through the gallery and enjoy. There are also some shots of the Demon standing still, because who doesn't want to see more of this monster car?



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