Heres a First Look at the New Batmobile, and Its Badass

Heres a First Look at the New Batmobile, and Its Badass

matt reeves via twitter
  • this is the new batmobile that'll be featured in the upcoming film the batman, directed by matt reeves and starring robert pattinson as batman.
  • reeves tweeted photos of the new batmobile, and it looks like a mid-engine v-8 powered late '60s muscle car.
  • the movie is set to release on june 25, 2021.

    batman's new whip ain't no tumbler, the battle-hardened tank from christopher nolan's dark knight trilogy. it's a badass mid-engine muscle car that we hope and pray does at least one burnout in the upcoming film the batman, starring robert pattinson as the caped crusader.

    director matt reeves posted three photos of the new batmobile on twitter this afternoon, and jeffrey wright, who will play commissioner gordon, responded with: "wait ‘til you hear it." it looks like a late-'60s muscle car—a 1969 dodge charger, perhaps—to us. but this isn't any ordinary american muscle car. it has a mid-mounted v-8 with a turbine-like exhaust that'll probably spit some serious flames.

    from what we've seen, it seems like matt reeves's batman is going to be quite retro. so far, we've seen leaked photos of the bat bike and a few teaser images of robert pattinson in the batman suit. this movie will be very different from the dark knight trilogy starring christian bale.

    the batman will be released on june 25, 2021, and now we're wanting to see the new film even more.

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