Heres a Rare Look under the Skin of the Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina

Heres a Rare Look under the Skin of the Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina

scuderia cameron glickenhaus via twitter

as with any one-off vehicle, the chances you'll ever see the ferrari p4/5 in person are pretty low. your chances of seeing it without its pininfarina-designed body panels? even slimmer. but thanks to the power of the internet, we get to do just that.

jim glickenhaus, the person who commissioned the p4/5 in the mid-2000s, shared a short video on twitter recently with the car in pieces. he says it's being given a general once-over after nearly 20,000 miles of use in preparation for the next driving season. the front and rear clamshell have been removed so all vital components can be properly inspected. additionally, the mid-mounted v-12 engine has been taken out for a full servicing.

though the video is short, it's a rare chance to take a peek under the skin of the p4/5. the car, based on the ferrari enzo, uses the same pushrod suspension and brembo carbon-ceramic brakes. but exterior panels are made from carbon fiber, and the interior has been redone to suit glickenhaus's desires. there are custom seats, new paddle shifters, and a new stereo system. road & track drove the car a few years back alongside its race-ready sibling, the competizione, and found it, perhaps unsurprisingly, fantastic.

glickenhaus uploaded an additional video to his instagram page, detailing the extent of the engine rebuild. he cites pump gas as the reason why the valves and pistons need some attention before he take the car on any longer journeys going forward.

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