Heres the New VW Golf Wagon We Wont Get in the U.S.

Heres the New VW Golf Wagon We Wont Get in the U.S.

  • vw has revealed the wagon and alltrack versions of the new eighth-generation golf.
  • these models won't come to the u.s. market, sadly, as volkswagen has decided to focus on suvs.
  • we are getting the mk 8 golf gti as a 2022 model, and the new golf r is slated to come here as well.

    someday we'll look back upon the seventh-generation golf lineup as a golden era of vw's small car in the u.s., as we were blessed with not one but two wagon versions on our shores. now that the new mk 8 golf is here, we won't be so fortunate, as these newly revealed wagon and alltrack models won't be coming to america this time around.

    the new golf wagons have a 2.6-inch longer wheelbase than before and adopt the modernized styling we've seen on the new-generation golf hatchbacks. the extra length provides more space inside both for rear-seat passengers and for cargo. the alltrack model follows a similar formula as before, with a raised ride height, a bit of extra plastic cladding, and standard 4motion all-wheel drive.

    the new mk 8 golf wagons will start production soon and go on sale in germany this month, but we've given up on pleading for vw to bring them to the u.s. volkswagen ended production of the golf sportwagen and alltrack for america after the 2019 model year, citing low demand for this body style. instead, we're getting an expanded lineup of suvs including a new small crossover to slot in below the tiguan that will be revealed next month. at least we can rest assured that the new-generation golf gti and golf r hot hatches are confirmed for the u.s.

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