Jeep, Dodge, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati Reveal More EV Plans

Jeep, Dodge, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati Reveal More EV Plans

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  • jeep’s first ev will arrive in the first half of 2023 while dodge will receive a plug-in hybrid next year, but the specifics of both vehicles are unknown.
  • details of chrysler’s future products were not discussed, but stellantis is “now preparing for the rebound of this brand” and will share more before the year’s end.
  • alfa romeo will produce solely evs by 2027, and maserati’s first electric car, the revived granturismo, comes next year.

    nearly a month ago, stellantis held its first ev day event, where it announced an electric dodge muscle car, teased a jeep wrangler ev, and showed a sketch of an electrified ram 1500. now stellantis has divulged even more details about its upcoming ev plans in a presentation to investors, including the futures of alfa romeo and maserati, as first reported by the detroit news.

    at stellantis’ ev day, jeep declared that it would have an ev in each segment it competes in by 2025. now the brand has revealed that its first electric vehicle will arrive in the first half of 2023, although it did not specify whether it would be based on an existing model or a standalone vehicle. stellantis also said that a plug-in-hybrid dodge would launch next year, but like the jeep ev, details were not provided. this offering could be a durango phev, since the jeep grand cherokee will gain a 4xe plug-in hybrid powertrain soon (pictured). no future products were discussed for ram or chrysler, although ceo carlos tavares did say of chrysler that stellantis is “now preparing for the rebound of this brand.” more details will arrive before the end of the year, he added.

    stellantis did unveil some major plans for two of its european brands, alfa romeo and maserati. alfa romeo will have a fully electric lineup starting in 2027 for the north american, european, and chinese markets. maserati, meanwhile, will skip past hybrids and go straight for evs, electrifying its lineup by 2025. the first step in this will be the granturismo, which is to be relaunched in 2022 as the brand’s first electric car, before another ev arrives in the first half of 2023.

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