Ken Blocks Latest Car Is a Fox-Body Ford Mustang Concept with AWD

Ken Blocks Latest Car Is a Fox-Body Ford Mustang Concept with AWD

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  • this hoonifox concept is ken block's most recent creation, and it's based off a fox-body mustang from the 1980s.
  • ash thorp, the designer who created the new batmobile, helped block design the hoonifox, and they had some fun creating different dream liveries.
  • we don't know what will power the hoonifox, but it could be anything from the ecoboost v-6 found in the hoonitruck to the naturally aspirated roush yates-built v-8 in the hoonicorn.

    ken block has a new car coming called the hoonifox. it's a fox-body mustang design concept with awd that was created by ash thorp, the designer who designed the ford escort rs cossie v2 and the new muscle-car-like batmobile that'll be featured in the upcoming film the batman, starring robert pattinson as batman.

    the fox-body mustang was built on ford's fox platform from 1978 until 1993. the hoonifox concept features massive hood and roof scoops, a wide-body kit with wrc-inspired boxed fenders, rear window louvers, and a side-exit exhaust. block says that because of the hoonicorn mustang and his love for '80s-era cars, building a car off the fox-body mustang was the obvious next step for him. the all-white lamborghini countach from miami vice was a big inspiration, he says.

    right now, the hoonifox is wrapped in a livery similar to that of the hoonicorn mustang: black-on-black paint with all the current sponsors' logos and bronze wheels, because designing the car is the top priority. thorp mocked up a couple of other versions that cater to his preferences, though. one is an all-carbon version, and another is a murdered-out all-black version.

    ken block's favorite, which he calls his "miami vice dream" and which thorp calls "road cocaine," is an all-white livery with all-white sponsors. however, the sponsors likely wouldn't approve of the all-white logos. "but we're now in the virtual world launching a concept," block says. thorp's favorite? a wild and bright colorful '80s-themed livery.

    the next step is for block to bring the car to fruition in the real world. the hoonifox's powertrain has yet to be announced, but it could be anything from the ecoboost v-6 found in the 914-hp hoonitruck, a naturally aspirated roush yates-built v-8 like the one in the hoonicorn, or a completely new powertrain. we do know, however, that it'll be all-wheel drive.

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