Kias X-Pro Off-Road Trim May Expand to Sorento and Telluride

Kias X-Pro Off-Road Trim May Expand to Sorento and Telluride

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  • kia filed trademarks with the united states patent and trademark office for "sorento x-pro" and "telluride x-pro."
  • the brand also filed a trademark for "telluride x-line."
  • kia previously introduced the x-pro trim on the 2023 sportage.

    the 2023 kia sportage’s off-road-oriented x-pro trim is likely expanding to the brand’s larger sorento and telluride suvs, as evidenced by recent trademarks kia filed with the united states patent and trademark office for “sorento x-pro” and “telluride x-pro.”

    if the sportage x-pro is anything to go by, then the potential sorento and telluride x-pros will add an extra dose of off-road-readiness to the brand’s three-row models. expect the sorento and telluride x-pro models to wear all-terrain tires and offer additional drive modes relative to their lesser kin—both suvs may even sport a slight suspension lift, too.

    those in search of the x-pro’s basic looks sans the off-pavement hardware can always opt for the pavement-focused x-line trim. but wait, the telluride isn’t available in x-line guise. true, but this may change shortly, too, as kia also filed a trademark for “telluride x-line.”

    of course, there’s always the possibility that kia simply filed these trademarks with no intention of making such models—it happens all the time. nevertheless, given the trim’s appearance on the 2023 sportage, as well as the recent rush by other automakers to offer off-road-friendly variants to their suv model lines (we’re talking the likes of subaru’s wilderness and honda’s trailsport monikers), it seems only fitting that kia intends to expand the x-pro line to vehicles such as the sorento and telluride.

    we’ve reached out to kia for more information about these trademarks, but have yet to hear back and will update this space when we do.

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