Low-Mileage Time Capsules: Window Shop with Car and Driver

Low-Mileage Time Capsules: Window Shop with Car and Driver

this week, the window shop crew set its sights on low-mileage classics. the goal? find barely used, perfectly preserved time capsules—cars that look, smell, and drive like they did when they left the factory. we touch on the joys of driving a car with zero wear but also address the issues that can crop up when a car sits for too long. and one of us compares used cars with used clothing.

trying to keep our shoppers in line, we set a 40,000-mile cap and a $25,000 budget. most of us found cars well below that price point, and once you see what we've found, you might wish we'd spent a bit more.

contributing editor john pearley huffman did go over budget, but we let it slide, given his choice is one of the most pristine second-generation toyota supras we've seen—an example so perfect, it may have just sold to toyota's museum in texas. three of the other finds have shockingly low mileages and are in like-new condition, but as senior editor joey capparella says, they're normcore. kind of makes you wonder why they weren't driven more, but we're grateful they were well cared for. lastly, there's a 1989 shelby csx, a hot version of the largely unloved dodge shadow. only 500 were made. while it might not be carroll shelby's most legendary creation, it did come with fiberglass-composite wheels and the first production variable-nozzle turbocharger (vnt).

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