Man Jumps in a Canal to Save Driver from a Sinking Kia Soul

Man Jumps in a Canal to Save Driver from a Sinking Kia Soul

  • in a cell-phone video published by nbc news, a man is shown jumping into a canal and pulling a driver from a sinking kia soul.
  • the man successfully rescued the driver, who had suffered a seizure, after cutting the seatbelt.
  • in case you ever find yourself in a sinking car, here's how to escape.

    sometimes you don't have time to stop and ask questions before acting, and this man in florida surely didn't.

    while driving down the road, nbc news reported, the man’s son saw a white kia soul sinking into the water of a canal. the man jumped out of his car and into the canal, got into the sinking vehicle through the passenger window, and saved the driver, who was reported to have suffered a seizure at the time the car went off the road and into the water.

    the clip dramatically shows the man climbing into the car's open passenger window and helping get the driver out of the car. in an interview with nbc affiliate wptv of west palm beach, the man said that he used a knife to cut the seatbelt in order to free the driver.

    if you're ever caught in a sinking car, you might not want to rely on the will of a good samaritan, so in case you're wondering, here's how you can escape if you ever find yourself in a sinking car.

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