Mario Kart Live Turns Your House into a Racetrack

Mario Kart Live Turns Your House into a Racetrack

  • nintendo partnered with velan studios to make the upcoming mario kart live: home circuit on nintendo switch.
  • build your own track anywhere, as the kart records its lap, and the switch imposes the rest of the action into its gameplay.
  • mario kart live: home circuit launches october 16 for a suggested retail price of $99.

    how many times has mom yelled "this isn't a racetrack!" as you and your friends sped through the living room? well mom, now it is. nintendo has partnered with velan studios to make mario kart live: home circuit, a game that combines remote-controlled cars and video games into one.

    available for the nintendo switch and switch lite, mario kart live can be purchased with either a red mario or green luigi kart set. you can build a racetrack out of anything, even replicating portions of your favorite tracks from real life. a small camera above your favorite italian's head captures the action as the handheld switch imposes environments from the game like jungles and snowscapes, as well as obstacles like piranha plants, into the gameplay. the actual kart in your living room will respond when it's hit with a shell or in other ways like gabbing acceleration boosts depending on what happens throughout the race.

    unlike the original 1992 super mario kart, mario kart live allows up to four players racing at once, but requires the purchase of each kart separately. you can also race against pesky computer-controlled koopalings in grand prix mode by yourself. each box includes your choice of either a mario or luigi kart, four race gates to help guide the action around or over your furniture, and two cardboard arrow signs that will either immediately get lost or ingested by the family's beloved pet before the checkered flag drops. you can use anything to make the track, so get creative, but don't use anything fragile.

    no details have been provided yet on maximum course length, battery life, or if more karts are coming, but we'd like to think yoshi, princess peach, and maybe a 1934 w25 mercedes-benz silver arrow from mario kart 8 could be added? we can dream.

    build your own rainbow road from the front door to the bathroom with mario kart live: home circuit for nintendo switch on october 16 for a suggested $99.

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