Mercedes Hints at a V-12–Powered S-Class Maybach in Teaser

Mercedes Hints at a V-12–Powered S-Class Maybach in Teaser

  • mercedes is hinting at the return of the v-12-powered maybach s-class, in a teaser photo to commemorate the 100th anniversary of maybach.
  • the 2020 mercedes-maybach s-class offered a twin-turbo v-12 engine, but mercedes hasn't said yet whether the upcoming model will get the same treatment.
  • of the two vehicles maybach currently offers, neither is motivated by a v-12 engine.

    maybach is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and to commemorate it mercedes is hinting at the return of a v-12–powered s-class. a teaser photo shows the side view of the maybach s-class, and just in front of the front door is a "v12" badge, suggesting 12 cylinders could again find their way under the hood of the s-class.

    currently, maybach only has two vehicles on the market: the 2021 gls600 and the 2021 s580. both of those vehicles are motivated by twin-turbo v-8s—the former is just a bit more powerful than the latter—and are assisted by 48-volt hybrid systems. prior to this teaser, mercedes hadn't made any mention of the 2021 maybach s-class getting a v-12. the 2020 maybach s650 had a twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter v-12 with 621 horsepower.

    despite dropping the teaser image, mercedes has not confirmed any plans for a new s650. rather, in the release with the teaser, the automaker says: "the 100-year anniversary of the first maybach automobile in 2021 will see multiple initiatives that celebrate this spirit come to life."

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