New Uber app features photo guides to lead users from gates to pickup areas at worlds busiest airports

an uber stand at los angeles international airport. david swanson/reuters uber announced new features designed to improve transit from airports for its users. one feature will guide riders through a step-by-step route from gates to pickup areas outside. others include expanded availability for uber reserve and estimated times to walk from gates to baggage claim. ahead of a spring break travel season the transportation security administration anticipates will approach pre-pandemic levels, uber is releasing new app features to speed up the process of moving through airports. on tuesday, the rideshare app announced several new tools designed to help users better plan trips and increase efficiency. one such feature will provide riders with step-by-step guides on how to get from their gate to designated rideshare and taxi pickup areas at more than 30 of the busiest airports around the world.  airports that will feature the tool include john f. kennedy and laguardia in new york city, as well as airports in chicago, orlando, and san francisco, and in international locations such as paris, london, and mexico city. "we want every uber experience to feel effortless," said jen you, uber's head of product for rides. "with travel roaring back, we've been innovating on ways to redesign your airport experience from beginning to end so that you're not just getting to and from the airport, but also getting through it with less stress." an uber photo guide at san francisco international airport uber according to uber, the new tools are intended to help riders find drivers faster, ultimately reducing traffic congestion in airport pickup areas. the rideshare company said it plans to expand to more airports in the coming months. in addition to the photo guides, uber announced it will also soon roll out walking times, giving users an estimate of how long it will take to get from their gate to the baggage claim area of over 400 airports. the company said the estimated walking time feature is designed to help users determine when to call for an uber in order to reduce wait times for both riders and drivers.  uber also announced an expansion to the uber reserve feature, allowing users in over 7,300 cities and towns to reserve rides through the app up to 90 days in advance, instead of 30 days under the prior version. read the original article on business insider

date : 2023-03-10 00:00:22
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