Porsche’s Rennsport Reunion Returns in 2023

Porsche’s Rennsport Reunion Returns in 2023

  • the seventh edition of the massive celebration of all things porsche will return next year following the longest hiatus of the event’s 22-year history.
  • porsche isn't yet saying where or when it will be held, other than that it will take place next year. previous rennsport reunions have been held at lime rock park, daytona international speedway, and laguna seca.
  • the last rennsport took place in 2018 and attracted 80,000 fans and 2500 vehicles, including the 356 speedster, rs spyder, 959 dakar, and 919 hybrid.

    if you’ve been awaiting signs that things are slightly returning to normal, look no further than porsche’s rennsport reunion vii, which will take place somewhere at some point in 2023. that’s all the information porsche is announcing at the moment, but now we know the longest pause in rennsport reunion history is coming to an end.

    the idea of race car driver brian redman and a porsche cars north america spokesperson, bob carlson, the first rennsport reunion was held at lime rock park in connecticut in 2001. since then it has been held every three to four years at daytona international speedway in florida (2004 and 2007) and then at laguna seca in california (2011, 2015, and 2018). the last rennsport reunion drew a crowd of more than 80,000 fans and 2500 vehicles.

    "we’re all excited to be able to announce the return of the rennsport reunion, which is always a highlight of porsche motorsports enthusiasm and heritage," kjell gruner, president and ceo of porsche cars north america, said in a statement. "rennsport reunion has grown quickly over the years into a truly one-of-a-kind experience of sight, sound, and emotions. for a few days, it feels like everyone thrilled by the brand is united in one place, on and off the track, as one porsche family."

    porsche said it will announce the theme, date, and location of rennsport reunion vii "soon." given that porsche does not mention laguna seca at all, we wouldn’t be surprised if it will be held somewhere else. the porsche-related blog flatsixes notes that porsche has been in discussion with the owners of that track to make important upgrades, like a new bridge over the track at the start-finish line.

    some of the vehicles that showed up at the 2018 event included the 356 speedster, rs spyder, 959 dakar, and 919 hybrid. the theme that year was "champions," and porsche didn’t forget to mention that, "with over 30,000 race wins, the sports-car manufacturer from weissach is by far the most successful brand in motorsports worldwide."


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