Sportier 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL-Class to Add AWD

Sportier 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL-Class to Add AWD

  • mercedes has released new teaser photos of the next-generation sl.
  • this upcoming convertible will be more of a sports car than a cushy cruiser.
  • expect amg sl43 and sl53 models with an inline-six and an sl63 with a v-8.

    mercedes is planning a reset for its sl-class range and is attempting to whet our appetite with teaser shots of the new 2022 mercedes-amg sl, which is currently undergoing final winter testing in sweden.

    while the cars are still camouflaged, we can take away quite a bit of information. the retractable hard top which has been a hallmark of the sl for the last two decades makes way for a fabric top again. this helps to achieve a sleek roofline and a lower rear end; the previous model needed a relatively tall trunk to fit the folded roof. to enhance aerodynamics, there is a large, electrically raised rear spoiler, much like on the current amg gt.

    the proportions are tighter and more harmonious than before. the new one is shaping up to be a lot more pleasing to the eye than the awkward current generation. it's a bit more practical, too, as there's enough space behind the front seats for two tiny rear seats, meaning the new sl is likely to be offered as a a 2+2, like in the distant past.

    mercedes isn't talking about the powertrains yet but our best guess is that there will be amg sl43 and sl53 models with inline-six engines and around 360 and 430 horsepower, as well as an amg sl63 with a 4.0-liter v-8 and around 600 horsepower. there could even be an amg sl73e with a plug-in-hybrid drivetrain and close to 800 horsepower, but that's a model for the more distant future, and it could overlap too much with the amg gt. the 43, 53 and 63 models will by hybridized as well, they will all come with a 9-speed automatic, and for the first time, the sl will be offered with a rear-biased all-wheel-drive system.

    every sl will be an amg. the high-performance division in affalterbach is responsible for the new model. and therefore we expect it to be a real sports car, not a boulevard cruiser. what's gone is the v-12, as that's henceforth a maybach engine.

    we expect the sl to come to market late in 2021. competition will include the bmw 8-series cabriolet, the lexus lc500 convertible, and the porsche 911 cabrio.

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