The 2022 BMW i4 Could Be the Tesla Model 3s Biggest Threat Yet

The 2022 BMW i4 Could Be the Tesla Model 3s Biggest Threat Yet

illustration by ben summerell-youde/fox syndicationcar and driver
  • bmw is working on an electric sedan called the i4 that will be a competitor to the tesla model 3.
  • based on the same platform as the 3-series and 4-series, the i4 will likely have two electric motors providing all-wheel drive and an electric driving range of up to 350 miles.
  • look for the i4 to arrive in 2021 with a starting price around $50,000.

    the upcoming bmw i4 is a fully electric sports sedan, a low-slung four-door fitted with one or two motors. it promises to be the closest competitor yet to the tesla model 3, with the added benefit of having the build quality of a seasoned carmaker.

    the i4 won't get its own ev platform: but will instead be based on the 3-/4-series' underpinnings known as the cluster architecture, or clar. while a one-motor version is conceivable, we expect the i4 to have two motors providing standard all-wheel drive. expect bmw to offer several power and price levels. the largest battery should last about 350 miles between charges and put up zero-to-60 times in the four-second range. top speed will likely be governed at a low 125 mph to save juice.

    the bavarians were wide of the mark with their last attempt to jump-start the ev era. both of bmw's carbon-fiber battery-powered early adopters, the lunchbox i3 and the plug-in i8 pseudo-supercar, were very cool but a little too weird for most people. with premium appeal, practicality, and affordability, the i4 will attempt to put bmw back on track. spy photos of the i4 show a fairly conventional shape similar to that of the current 4-series gran coupe, and the styling will be inspired by the i vision dynamics concept from 2017.

    set to arrive in 2021 as a 2022 model, the i4 is likely to start around $50,000.

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