VW ID.5 GTX Previewed ahead of Munich Reveal with Rakish Roofline

VW ID.5 GTX Previewed ahead of Munich Reveal with Rakish Roofline

  • volkswagen is preparing to unveil its latest ev, the id.5 gtx, which appears to be a suv "coupe" version of the id.4, with a similar front end but a sleeker roofline.
  • the gtx portion of the name indicates a performance-focused model, and the id.5 gtx will have an electric motor on both the front and rear axles.
  • volkswagen has yet to say whether the id.5 gtx will make its way stateside or whether it will be offered without the gtx powertrain setup.

    volkswagen sold just over 6000 examples of its new id.4 electric crossover in the first half of the year, and while ford has sold around twice as many mustang mach es, it’s still a solid start to volkswagen’s electric offensive in the united states. now vw is preparing to launch another member of its battery-powered lineup, the id.5 gtx. the company is previewing the model with several teasers before its upcoming reveal at the munich auto show in early september.

    volkswagen says that the id.5 gtx will be its first electric suv "coupe", and the garish green and red swirls of the camouflage in the teasers does nothing to hide the sloping roofline. the id.5 appears to be closely related to the id.4, sporting what appears to be an identical front end but trading the boxy tail for a sleeker, rakish roofline in the rear. as a result, it will likely have less cargo space than the id.4.

    the gtx suffix attached to the id.5’s name indicates that it is performance-focused, with gtx representing for vw’s id models what gti means for the golf. vw revealed that the id.5 gtx will have an electric motor on each axle, providing all-wheel drive, and is predicting a range over 300 miles. vw has already given the gtx treatment to the id.4, but the gtx sub-brand will be limited to the european market, while the u.s. will get a mechanically similar model called the id.4 awd. it is not yet clear if the id.5 will be offered as only the gtx or whether it will be available to american consumers, but more details should be revealed when vw takes the covers off the id.5 gtx in a month’s time.

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