Wedding Cars: Window Shop with Car and Driver

Wedding Cars: Window Shop with Car and Driver

marriages, like engines, need consistent tlc to run smoothly. letting either one of them languish is a recipe for sputtering, backfires, and name calling. it’s the same with window shop, which, after two weeks off, is trying to clear its pipes with champagne and cheuginess.

viewer ace fighterpilot provided this week’s challenge: find a car to drive away in on one’s wedding day. the budget was $30,000, which could have bought a lot of cake or a lot of couples' therapy, both of which might go down easier than the selections.

loving santa barbara husband john pearley huffman got the bells pealing with a two-horsepower citroën. these were alarm bells, and no, not that citroën. this one’s smaller and extremely red inside. pearley reasoned the french connection would make for great photos, although his point got lost in a discussion about how tiny a couple would need to be to fit inside the car.

vegas-nuptial veteran elana scherr pulled up in a wedding-standard rolls-royce. on the outside, the tired but game roller said come hither. then she opened the doors on an interior that said to the groom, "circus circus did me a solid; prove you love me and get in."

kentucky bachelor jonathon ramsey went for a jaguar convertible. this one's relentless mechanical needs would remind the couple to relentlessly love one each other as well. yes, his choice was also voted "most likely to be driven to the divorce," but this episode ends after the reception, making such hypotheticals irrelevant.

the espoused k.c. colwell kept his choice as simple as his wedding venue, dipping into the buick archives for classic midwest americana. the giant grille and peggy sue got married vibe was accused of being festooned with cheuginess instead of cans and streamers. neither wikipedia nor debate could help us make sense of the term—or the car.

man-about-utah tony quiroga shacked up at a love's truck stop in the desert state for this episode. doing his best impression of a kentucky bachelor, his chosen butter-yellow cadillac was perhaps the best rorschach test for catching the woman of your life who is also a freak, and maybe a trucker.

if you see these vehicles at a wedding, could be best to live it up at the reception and make some time in your calendar to attend a second marriage. or make an offer for something well under $30,000.

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