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Report: Tesla Will Limit Configurations of Model 3

Report: Tesla Will Limit Configurations of Model 3

Tesla will offer fewer than 100 configurations of its upcoming Model 3 entry-level car, in contrast to more than 1,500 possible configurations of the flagship Model S luxury sedan, according to a report based on a leaked comparison chart.

Tech site Electrek posted the chart, which it said was sent by Tesla to its retail channels, and the comparison seems to emphasize Tesla CEO Elon Musk's point that you still will get a lot more with the upscale Model S versus the more mainstream, $35,000-to-start Model 3. Musk already has said the Model 3 will have more limited options than the Model S, and added there has been some confusion among consumers that the Model 3 might be more advanced than the current Model S.

The Model S offers three battery sizes, rear- or all-wheel-drive, a third row and other personalization options that multiply its configurations - and boost the price. The Model X luxury SUV offers a similar range of choices.

The chart also makes other points in favor of the Model S, like being able to get one in 30 days or sooner versus waiting at least a year for a Model 3 ordered today. It also highlights the Model S' greater range, additional driver display, extra cargo room, higher seat count and luxury features.


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