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Regular Gas Stays Cheaper Than 2016 Average

Regular Gas Stays Cheaper Than 2016 Average

Motorists in most states are paying less for gas today than they were a year ago after a 4-cent decline in the national average for regular over the past week.

The AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report said Thursday that at $2.32, the national average for regular was 5 cents lower than on June 15, 2016, when pump prices were nearing their peak for last year.

The national average for premium gas Thursday was $2.86, 2 cents more than a year ago, and for diesel fuel it was $2.49, 12 cents more than last year, according to AAA.

AAA said prices dropped because of an unexpected buildup of crude oil, high production of gasoline and lower demand by consumers. AAA cautioned that in the coming weeks, "it is not likely that gas prices will drop much lower."

Here's a glance at what's happening with pumps around the country this week:

  • The average price for regular in South Carolina fell 4 cents to $1.996, the first statewide average of less than $2 since December. Oklahoma, at $2.04, and Alabama, at $2.05, were next closest to $2.

  • Hawaii had the most expensive gas at $3.05. California, where the average price for regular fell 4 cents to $3.03, was second highest, followed by Alaska at $2.89 and Washington at $2.84.

The biggest declines this past week were in the Great Lakes area, where significant price swings from week to week are common. Average prices for regular fell by 9 cents in Michigan, 10 cents in Indiana and 11 cents in Ohio.


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