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Lincoln Launches Long-Wheelbase Navigator, 'Destination' Interior

Lincoln Launches Long-Wheelbase Navigator, 'Destination' Interior

Lincoln showed its redesigned 2018 Navigator at the 2017 New York International Auto Show, and the brand has saved the long-wheelbase version of the full-size luxury SUV for the longest day of the year. Measuring nearly a foot longer than the regular Navigator, the extended version has an extra 15 cubic feet of cargo room behind the third row. The extended Navigator goes on sale with the regular version in the fall.

The long Lincoln has the same clean lines and big chrome grille as its shorter sibling. Look closely, however, and you'll see that the lower part of the rear doors are longer, which Lincoln says improves entry and exit.

2018 Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln's Pickup and Delivery service is standard on the extended Navigator. With the service, you don't have to visit a dealer for routine maintenance or repairs; a valet will pick up your SUV wherever it may be, provide a loaner for the time it's gone and bring it back to you freshly washed when the work is complete.

Click here for more details on the 2018 Navigator.

New 'Destination' Interior Theme

The extended-length Navigator also lets us see the SUV's new Destination interior theme, which is part of Lincoln's Black Label collection. The cabin styling "takes its inspiration from vintage luggage, hearkening back to a time when travel was rich with excitement and intrigue," the brand said in a statement.

2018 Lincoln Navigator

Unlike the light-and-airy Yacht Club theme Lincoln showed at the regular Navigator's debut, Destination has a 1970s-era-steakhouse motif with its Mahogany Red Venetian leather upholstery and brown wood trim.

Choosing one of Lincoln's Black Label models also provides other perks. These include complimentary car washes for life, a complimentary culinary experience and access to Avis' invitation-only President's Club rental-car program.

2018 Lincoln Navigator
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