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2018 Toyota Camry Review: Interior Photo Gallery

2018 Toyota Camry Review: Interior Photo Gallery

The Toyota Camry's interior hasn't necessarily been our favorite place to be. In 's 2014 and 2016 Mid-size Sedan Challenges, our judges had gripes about everything from interior materials and fit and finish to multimedia and safety technology. With the 2018 Camry's vastly improved exterior, is the interior any better?

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The short answer: Yes. The longer answer: YESSSSSSSSSSS. The actual answer: Interior quality has been improved throughout the cars, and even the seats have been redesigned to be more comfortable. The asymmetrical center console houses a new multimedia system that thankfully retains tactile buttons and actual knobs despite many competitors eliminating those for touch controls. One drawback: No Android Auto or Apple Carplay. There's also more space for the driver's right knee thanks to the console's swoopy design, a small but meaningful improvement. Check out the gallery below to see how the Camry's interior has improved.

The new Camry's technology is not only better, but Toyota has also made a move to increasing and improving standard features instead of leaving things as options. Notably, a precollision system is standard on every trim level where it was once only available on higher-priced trims. Upper-tier trims still have more available features than lower ones, of course, including an overhead 360-degree camera view to make parking easier, in-car 4G LTE wireless internet and a head-up display. 

Adaptive cruise control also differs depending on trim level, as lower trims have a high-speed-only version that disengages around 25 mph and higher trims have a version that can bring the car to a complete stop in traffic. Blind spot warning is also an optional feature available on some trim levels.

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