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Which Cars Are Most American? We Have the Answer June 26

Which Cars Are Most American? We Have the Answer June 26

In today's job-focused political climate, the question of which car is the most American is more important than ever. 's 2017 American-Made Index will reveal the answer on Monday, June 26, with our list of the top 10 most American cars.

Whether you're in a red state or a blue state, jobs remain a concern for most Americans. The auto industry is a jobs driver — and not just at the assembly plant. The automotive industry touches suppliers, new- and used-car dealers, independent repair shops, and even finance and insurance companies.

The American-Made Index reveals the top cars in terms of domestic impact to the American economy. Now in its 11th year, the AMI has been revamped for 2017: Globalization across automobile manufacturing means the number of cars that met our original AMI criteria would have dropped to just a few nameplates this year. For the 2017 American-Made Index, has revamped its formula to include five components instead of the three factors used in previous AMIs. It's more comprehensive than ever.

The effort involved weeks of walking dealer lots to check window stickers, combing inventory, investigating government data and confirming details with automakers to arrive at the data that determine the most American car. In all, we analyzed more than 120 cars assembled in the U.S. to get to the top 10. Find out which cars made cars made our list June 26. 


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