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America's Safest Cities for Drivers: Where Does Yours Rank?

America's Safest Cities for Drivers: Where Does Yours Rank?

The Fourth of July should be full of fun, fireworks and family road trips, but unfortunately, motorists heading out on the highways this holiday weekend have the stats stacked against them. Not only are fatal crashes spiking to levels not seen in a decade, Independence Day is considered the deadliest day of the year for drivers and falls in one of the two deadliest months.

Citing Insurance Institute for Highway Safety figures, insurance provider Allstate in its annual America's Best Drivers Report laments that July 4, 2017, comes amid a recent increase in highway fatalities, estimated at more than 40,000 for 2016, while the months of July and August average 116 driving deaths a day. The Best Drivers Report is intended to encourage safe driving habits and increase motorists' awareness of the perils ahead on their holiday road trip.

Here are the top 20 cities with the safest drivers, followed by the average years between collisions and crash likelihood compared with the national average:

20. Lincoln, Neb.; 10.8 years; -7.3 percent

19. Reno, Nev.; 10.8 years; -7.7 percent

18. Gilbert, Ariz.; 10.9 years; -8.5 percent

17. Tallahassee, Fla.; 10.9 years; -8.5 percent

16. Scottsdale, Ariz.; 10.9 years; -8.5 percent

15. Mesa, Ariz.; 10.9 years; -8.6 percent

14. Cary, N.C.; 10.9 years; -8.6 percent

13. Overland Park, Kan.; 11 years; -9.1 percent

12. Wichita, Kan.; 11.5 years; -12.9 percent

11. Fort Collins, Colo.; 11.6 years; -14.1 percent

10. Olathe, Kan.; 11.8 years; -15.1 percent

9. McAllen, Texas; 11.8 years; -15.2 percent

8. Port St. Lucie, Fla.; 12 years; -16.7 percent

7. Laredo, Texas; 12 years; -16.8 percent

6. Boise, Idaho; 12 years; -16.9 percent

5. Cape Coral, Fla.; 12.2 years; -18.1 percent

4. Huntsville, Ala.; 12.4 years; -19.4 percent

3. Madison, Wis.; 12.5 years; -19.9 percent

2. Brownsville, Texas; 14.5 years; -30.9 percent

1. Kansas City, Kan.; 14.9 years; 32.8 percent

On the other end of the safe-driving spectrum, here are the 10 most dangerous cities:

10. Philadelphia; 6.1 years; +62.8 percent

9. New Haven, Conn.; 6.1 years; +63.2 percent

8. Los Angeles; 5.9 years; +70.9 percent

7. Providence, R.I.; 5.7 years; +75.8 percent

6. Glendale, Calif.; 5.5 years; +83 percent

5. Springfield, Mass.; 5.3 years; +90.2 percent

4. Washington, D.C.; 4.3 years; +132.4 percent

3. Worcester, Mass.; 4.3 years; +133.8 percent

2. Baltimore; 4.2 years; +140.6 percent

1. Boston; 3.6 years; +179.6 percent

Kansas City, Kan., Brownsville, Texas, and Madison, Wisc., all retain their top-three standing from the previous year's report, with KCK unseating Brownsville in the top spot, boasting an average crash likelihood 32 percent less than the national average. Other success stories include New York's 27-place ascent to No. 116 this year, surpassed only by Anchorage, Alaska's 35-spot jump to No. 34.

"With the improving economy and more driving, we're unfortunately seeing more crashes and more crash deaths," said IIHS President Adrian Lund in a statement. "Summer travel for vacations and recreation is often riskier than the daily commute. We hope this year's Best Drivers Report encourages more people to buckle up, watch their speeds, avoid distractions and stay off the roads after drinking alcohol."


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