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Musk Hints at Model 3 Release Date Announcement Sunday

Musk Hints at Model 3 Release Date Announcement Sunday

Tesla CEO Elon Musk may be second only to Donald Trump (OK, maybe also Kim Kardashian) for how closely his Twitter activity is followed. The latest Musk tweet to make news is a cryptic blurt hinting that he could announce the much-awaited release date for the Model 3 on Sunday.

Most interested likely are the several-hundred-thousand people who've put down deposits to reserve the $35,000 electric cars that will be the new entry model for Tesla, followed by investors who've bid the stock into the stratosphere. They are betting the car will be a hit and that Tesla can feed the demand.

Responding to a Tesla fan hoping for an end to the fog around exactly when the production version of the car will appear, Musk tweeted: "News on Sunday.

We assume it won't be fake news, to use the buzz phrase of the day. At the recent annual shareholder meeting and in his quarterly earnings conference call with analysts, Musk said Model 3 (not to be confused as a better Model S) production would be unveiled sometime in July. The start of production of limited versions (basically color and wheel variants) will follow, with more options to be added as production increases.


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