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Long-Term Chrysler Pacifica Fuel Economy Update: Passing 7,000 Miles

Long-Term Chrysler Pacifica Fuel Economy Update: Passing 7,000 Miles

When we bought our Best of 2017-winning Chrysler Pacifica, we expected everyone on staff to be eager to pile their families and a bunch of luggage in to take it on numerous long-distance trips, racking up mileage totals to rival our last long-termer, the 2016 Volvo XC90. (Note: The author is childless and hadn't yet been on a road trip with young children when he agreed with that prediction.) That hasn't been the case so far, and while we've put on miles at a greater clip than our last update, we're lagging far behind the Volvo.

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After passing 7,000 miles in the Pacifica, our average fuel economy has improved slightly, up to 19.6 mpg from 19.2. We've even managed a trip that beat even the EPA's highway rating of 28 mpg, turning in a 29.2-mpg figure; unfortunately, we've also turned in two trips under 15 mpg as city traffic seems to be the Pacifica's chief weakness. All this gas has cost us a total of $874.56 since December.

We'll have more updates on the Pacifica throughout its time in our possession, so check back.




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