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Receives Patent for Lot Insights Technology and Launches First On-the-Lot Trends Report

 Receives Patent for Lot Insights Technology and Launches First On-the-Lot Trends Report

, Inc. (NYSE: CARS) has received a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its Lot Insights technology (Patent No. 9686646), a first-to-market solution that pinpoints key mobile shopping data from consumers actively looking for vehicles on dealer lots nationwide. First introduced in 2015, Lot Insights technology identifies mobile consumers on or near dealership lots to provide valuable insights for automotive advertisers. The patented technology allows for more precise, accurate, location-based consumer data for dealer partners.

“While most digital companies are interested in clicks, likes, or impressions, is focused on efficiently driving buyers into dealer showrooms,” said Alex Vetter, chief executive officer at . “Mobile data intelligence, like Lot Insights, allows us to analyze those consumer behaviors and directly measure how digital activity impacts sales.  We have been at the forefront of the mobile revolution in our industry, and this new Lot Insights patent is an example of how is leading mobile innovation.”

Using Lot Insights technology, created the new On-the-Lot Trends Report by analyzing mobile consumer shopping behavior throughout the month of May to identify the top viewed makes and models by style.

“By mapping and geofencing the perimeter around dealerships with this level of precision, we can better understand today’s shopping trends & behaviors, which is critical to making value-added connections between consumers and dealers.” said Tony Zolla, chief product officer.

Here are the top viewed lists for new vehicles searched that appears in the May 2017 report:

1.     Porsche Panamera

2.     Alfa Romeo Giulia

3.     Land Rover Range Rover

4.     Mercedes-Benz E-Class

5.     Porsche Macan

1.     Ford F-150

2.     Chevrolet Silverado 1500

3.     RAM 1500

4.     Toyota Tacoma

5.     GMC Sierra 1500

Compact Sedan:

1.     Honda Civic

2.     Hyundai Elantra

3.     Volkswagen Jetta

4.     Subaru WRX

5.     Subaru Impreza

Midsize Sedan:

1.     Dodge Charger

2.     Honda Accord

3.     Toyota Camry

4.     Ford Fusion

5.     Hyundai Sonata

Fullsize Sedans:

1.     Nissan Maxima

2.     Chrysler 300

3.     Chevrolet SS

4.     Chevrolet Impala

5.     Ford Taurus


1.     Jeep Grand Cherokee

2.     Jeep Wrangler

3.     Jeep Unlimited

4.     Toyota 4Runner

5.     Ford Explorer

Luxury SUVs:

1.     Land Rover Range Rover

2.     Porsche Macan

3.     Land Rover Range Rover Sport

4.     Audi Q7

5.     Porsche Cayenne


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