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Nissan's Intelligent Mirror Offers Noggin-Free Rear View

                         Nissan's Intelligent Mirror Offers Noggin-Free Rear View

Nissan is debuting its new rearview mirror system on its biggest SUV — which also happens to have the biggest blind spots — the 2018 Armada. The Intelligent Rear View Mirror uses a rear-mounted camera to display what's behind the driver in the cabin. The built-in LCD monitor sits within the traditional rearview mirror and is designed to "look around" typical interior obstructions, such as tall passengers and cargo, Nissan said in a statement.

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The system is standard on the line-topping 2018 Armada Platinum model, and Nissan says it's the first full-size non-luxury SUV to offer it; Cadillac has a similar rearview camera mirror on several of its vehicles. Like the Cadillac setup, Nissan's Intelligent Rear View Mirror is activated via a switch at the bottom of the mirror, and it can be turned on and off even when the vehicle is moving.

During a test of Cadillac's system, we ran into issues when the sun was setting; we noticed glare bouncing off the display, making it hard to see the image. Aside from displaying a passenger-noggin-free view, Nissan says the mirror also improves visibility in low-light conditions, reducing glare and providing an expanded field of view.

"The high-quality camera and image processing system implemented in the LCD monitor consistently results in a clear image with minimal glare, even during sunrise or sunset conditions or when the vehicle is being followed by a vehicle with strong headlights," the automaker said in a statement.

Will the feature be added to more vehicles? "The plan is for there to be a future with this technology should consumer demand warrant," said Dan Passe, senior manager of Nissan Product Communications.

The 2018 Armada goes on sale in September.


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