2022 BMW M3 and M4 AWD Models Cost $4100 Extra

2022 BMW M3 and M4 AWD Models Cost $4100 Extra

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  • bmw has released more details about the all-wheel-drive versions of the new m3 and m4.
  • the 2022 m3 and m4 xdrive will carry a $4100 price premium over the rear-wheel-drive 2021 competition models.
  • the awd cars will start arriving in the u.s. this august.

    bmw's first m3 equipped with all-wheel drive will be landing in the u.s. market a few months from now carrying a significant price premium. available only for the higher-powered m3 competition and m4 competition models, the awd 2022 m3 and m4 xdrive models cost $4100 extra compared with the equivalent rwd 2021 versions (bmw has not released 2022 pricing for the non-xdrive cars).

    the m3 competition xdrive starts at $77,895 and the m4 competition xdrive starts at $79,795. the xdrive cars come with the same twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine as the rwd competition, with 503 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. an eight-speed automatic transmission is standard; the only way to get a six-speed manual is to opt for the non-competition spec, which has 473 horsepower.

    the awd system offers a few different driving modes. the default "4wd" setting incorporates a rear bias and distributes torque to the front wheels as needed; "4wd sport" increases the amount of torque sent to the rear; and "2wd" is a drift mode that requires stability control to be deactivated.

    bmw says that the xdrive models will be slightly quicker than the rwd cars, claiming an 0.4-second improvement in their 60-mph acceleration times. the awd system also adds 100 pounds to the m3 competition's claimed curb weight and 99 pounds to the m4 competition's claimed curb weight. we look forward to testing the awd m3 and m4 ourselves to see how they stack up.

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