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About Auto part MAX

Auto part MAX is a network of 200s of salvage yards, suppliers of Used and remanufactured Enginens and transmission across the USA . FREE request quick and easy parts location service. We cover engines for trucks, automobiles , vans and 4x4 for all the major manufacturers from GMC , FORD , CHEVROLET , BMW , HONDA , BUICK , CADILLAC , DODGE , VW .You'll also find used gas-fired auto engines and gas or diesel truck engines, rebuilt diesel or rebuilt auto engines, exquisitely remanufactured engines.

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AUTO PART MAX doles out the benchmark for the industry. It happens in stealth, because we simply have great prices on parts and used auto

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Used Engines:

AUTO PART MAX offers you access to low miles and low price used car engines for all makes and models. Simply use our FREE online search to find Complete Assemblies used OEM engines at the best prices With no core charge, no tax and no extra cost. Because our services are unique and distinguished, provisioning used or remanufactured engines easy for us. The same guarantee and warranty options are available on most units.

Ask and find the most suitable for your automobile. Get your vehicle back in the driving lane and, then, forget about it.

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NAME Part Price
2008 Ford EscapeReman Engines
2006 Dodge ChargerReman Engines
2007 Chevy ImpalaReman Engines
2004 Cadillac CTSReman Engines
2006 Chrysler 300Reman Engines
2008 Reman Engines
1999 Ford MustangReman Engines
1999 Jeep WranglerReman Engines

Remanufactured Engines:

We can help to source Re-Manufactured car engines for all makes and models. We offers you remanufactured engine instead of rebuilt engine. Remanufactured engine is completely disassembled, inspected, re machined, reassembled and tested to ensure original specifications and performance. It is much more complicated then replacing a few parts.
  • Warranty: 3 Year/unlimited mileage parts and labor warranty
  • Quality Control: testing for oil flow, oil pressure, compression and torque
If your diesel engine needs modernized because it's not cutting the bill with fuel efficiency this may be the option for your vehicle.are viable solutions when considering manufactured-in defects, abused and exhausted engines.
Some engines are not good candidates for retooling. Your VIN is key. We use real technology for barely street legal, modified SUV or off-road or track vehicles. A plethora of affordable choices exists.

Toll Free 1-888-373-4950