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We really appreciate you stopping by We are a family-run business that sells quality auto parts by the tens of thousands and have experience under our sleeves. Get FREE quotes and a money-back guarantee on any auto part you buy, whether it's a tiny 3 inch closed-circuit wire or a used auto engine with its accompanying power train.

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At you will find those complete automotive power trains as well as individual power train components for trucks, automobiles and vans. You'll also find individual truck parts, automobile parts, truck and auto accessories, used gas-fired auto engines and gas or diesel truck engines, rebuilt diesel or rebuilt auto engines, exquisitely remanufactured engines, every auto suspension components known to the market as well as unique suspension items, used and rebuilt auto transmissions, affordable auto heating and air conditioning components, basic wheels and classic accessories, or custom wheels and a fabulous array of rims, interior auto parts of every design engineered like dash boards, dash board covers and consoles, and you can find any exterior auto parts to fit your model truck, car, van or passenger vehicle… and much more. Every quote, every auto engine and every auto part comes directly from us: all high quality with FREE quotes.

1-844-232-0518 doles out the benchmark for the industry. It happens in stealth, because we simply have great prices on parts and used auto engines. And we don't need your email, unless you would like. It's sad that we must say 'we're legit', but today's environment isn't the most consumer-friendly. So, we always offer a 100% money-back guarantee on any auto engine or auto parts or auto accessories you buy. We're here to offer up a positive experience instead of the frequent negative stories our clients tell.

Maybe you found one of those online pull-apart jobber sites. Some of the titles are confusing, at best, and offensive, at worst. Or perhaps you found a popular online automotive channel with an array of web pages. Too much information, no help. The search list vying for your attention is infinite. Is there any way to tell what you're getting into when buying auto parts online? You randomly pick a site. You enter your email address and vehicle information to get a quote. The next page slaps you with a fee. Hey, you're given the option to pay a little more for a faster quote! You close the browser, refusing to pay. Your inbox explodes with a hundred different sellers behaving as if they know you. Your email is stained for eternity. And no quote! Whether you paid the fee or not, their low-profile buddies have already funded the site to locate you. No fee was necessary. If you're offended, you should be. There's nothing wrong with wanting to know the prices of your auto parts before you buy. Try calling us directly for free quotes, instead.

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  • I Just want to say that I was impressed with the professional and courtieous manner of the persons I had contact with. I will reccomend and do business with you anytime.

    Daniel Dan

  • Dealing with Auto part Max has been a very positive experience. You guys handled everything professionally and expeditiously.

    Mark Wellbeck

Being jostled by the entire auto parts industry one website at a time isn't necessary. Blemishing your email infinitely isn't either. is staffed to handle your requests directly. One of our own will provide FREE quotes on quality auto parts. Need several quotes? FREE. No questions asked except, maybe, Can we look up any other quotes for you? We never sell your email. If that's okay with you, here's what you can expect:
LIVE Patient Automotive Personnel
FREE Auto Parts Quotes
FREE Auto Parts Allocation from Reliable Sources
Fast Delivery to the Shop of Your Choice
Money-Back Guarantee on Any Auto Parts Purchase

The internet, accompanied by our digital catalog, can find awesome prices on parts from even remote corners of the earth. Legit auto parts with only a few miles or brand new with an awesome price can be nabbed. You're expecting compatible parts. That's reasonable. What isn't reasonable is the many salvage yards and parts distributors taking your trust for granted. Many are paid for just shipping the parts. For thirty years, our family has operated, as a used auto part dealer.

This is important, because you need to know the source of your purchase. As a sort of advocate, we hang with you from the purchase of your auto part to installation. You're paying to get your vehicle running, not just an auto part. Unless you're standing face to face with those managers, you have no way of knowing whether they are legit, much less the parts for which you are about fork over hard-won money. Someone should screen their character. Someone needs to eye-ball the goods.

We verify, authenticate, screen and test every auto part or major auto component before it reaches our docks or database. We've stood at the counters. We pull good sources. We yank the bad. There are many acquisition managers with whom refuses to do business, because they do not meet proper business standards. You deserve better. After several decades, we ally with only reliable managers across the globe. Odds are, we already have your auto part in stock.

Not only will you get FREE quotes, you'll get cheap prices. High prices aren't necessary. Well. It would be if we dealt with multiple parties and pay everyone along the way. But we don't. Go direct with AUTOPARTMAX.COM for your auto parts, power train or used engine. Tens of thousands of parts are ready to ship Fast. If that's okay with you, here's all you need when calling:
1) Have your VIN ready when you call.
2) We'll need the potential shop address.
3) Call 844-232-0518
4) Speak to one person, even on return calls.
5) Money-back guarantee on any auto parts purchase.

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