2024 Lexus GX teaser shows even more of the boxy SUV

now that the toyota tacoma has been fully revealed, it seems the japanese automaker is turning attention back to another of its body-on-frame machines, the 2024 lexus gx. it has released another teaser image, and it shows quite a bit more of the vehicle. and now we know how long we have to wait to see the whole thing. the teaser shows a somewhat close look at the rear three-quarter angle of the lexus. it shows off the full-width taillight bar, but we're more interested in what we can see of the gx's flanks. the sides looks much simpler and cleaner than the current model. it loses the extra-large fender bulges in favor of more slab sides with tight, subtly flared wheel arches. there's a prominent tumblehome just below the window line, and some more clean metal for the rear pillars. it all reminds us a bit of the land rover defender, and that's not a complaint. the window line is interesting, too. it's lower along the doors, and then it rises up just past the rear door shut line. it seems like it's echoing some of the chunky lines elsewhere, such as those on the bulging hood. as for the tailgate, there's no external spare tire, just like the current one. we can't say for sure if this gx will abandon the side-hinged design of the current model and its twin, the toyota land cruiser prado. if it's still closely related to the prado, which could very likely retain an external spare, it may still have the old-school tailgate. we'll have all the details soon. the reveal will be june 8, and it will be shown alongside a completely new lexus model, the tx. that suv will apparently be based on the grand highlander, so will be a very different vehicle than the body-on-frame options such as the new gx and the lx, the latter of which is based on the full-size land cruiser.


date : 2023-05-26 00:00:10
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