2024 Lincoln Nautilus debuts with big redesign, new hybrid option

the 2024 lincoln nautilus is bigger, flashier and packs a new hybrid powertrain option. take a look inside this two-row midsize suv, and you’ll notice it’s rocking a totally new tech interface not seen on any other lincoln product, too. starting with the new exterior, the nautilus makes its entrance with a large grille — depending on the trim you select, four distinct patterns are available. no matter the trim, a new daytime running light runs horizontally through the grille and connects with the headlights. lincoln played it safe with the sculpting along the sides, but the door handles are newly integrated and sit at the same level as the door trim itself. electric buttons on the inside of the pulls activate them. the rear mimics the front with a full-width taillight. hidden exhaust outlets give the rear end a clean and uninterrupted look. both models seen in photos are rocking 22-inch wheels, but 20-inch and 21-inch wheels will also be available. a new powertrain lineup sees a change in direction toward the greener side of things. the nautilus’ base engine is still a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, but lincoln says it’s a new design, the same that you’d find on the updated lincoln corsair. it makes 250 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque, and it’s mated up with an eight-speed automatic transmission. all-wheel drive is standard across the lineup, even for the base model. as for the upgrade engine, lincoln dropped the twin-turbo v6 in favor of a hybrid option. the hybrid pairs a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with an electric motor and cvt. lincoln says the total system output is 310 horsepower, and while that’s less than the 335 horses from the outgoing v6, we’re not exactly heartbroken over a slight dip in power for this suv that has almost no sporting pretenses. lincoln tells us the hybrid system is similar to that in the ford maverick and ford escape, but features a more powerful electric motor (134 horsepower) and enhanced transmission. the utility of the nautilus is way up versus before. lincoln says the new nautilus is riding on a vehicle platform not currently shared with any other ford or lincoln model sold here, and the idea was to end up with a much larger vehicle. with another two inches of length and two inches of width added over the outgoing model, lincoln expanded backseat space and cargo space substantially.  lincoln made the interior a lot more tech-forward, too. you’ll notice the full-width screen at the top of the dash right away, which actually consists of two 23.6-inch screens smashed together. the portion of the display in front of the driver is dedicated to a traditional instrument cluster layout with the in-car navigation stickied just to the right of it. the screen that extends all the way to the passenger side is totally customizable, allowing you to put a number of things up there like media playback, a clock, the weather and more. we asked lincoln if it planned to allow folks to stream movies or tv shows via streaming services on those screens, but were told it’s still too early in development to confirm anything like that. however, it did say that any type of content that you watch or interact with (like games etc.) would be locked out if you were moving. it’s worth noting that there will be no hud due to where this screen is placed. the steering wheel having a lower-than-normal flat top is also done as a nod to the screen, as a larger wheel would severely cut into the driver’s vision of the screen. we sat in the driver’s seat, and even with the cut-off wheel, it blocked out a good portion of the available viewing space. you’re able to customize the top panel via the regular-looking infotainment system in the traditional spot. this 11.1-inch screen is also where apple carplay/android auto will display if you prefer to run those apps. lincoln is calling the new infotainment the “in-vehicle digital experience” for now, and it’s based on android automotive software. as for the rest of the interior, lincoln is taking a page out of the mercedes playbook with something it calls lincoln rejuvenate. similar to mercedes’ “energizing comfort” programs, “lincoln rejuvenate” programs will combine a bunch of the car’s luxury features in an effort to relax. press the button and the car will inject a fragrance into the cabin, begin a seat massage program, turn on specifically-designed music, project soothing graphics on the full-width display and put on a light show of sorts with the ambient lighting. the various fragrances are a new feature for lincoln, and there will be three to choose from including mystic forest, ozonic azure and violet cashmere. of course, the lincoln black label program will continue for the nautilus, but a new theme joins with this suv called redwood. it’s meant to remind you of the redwood forests in california, but lincoln was quick to assure us it does not use actual redwood trees for the wood trim inside the car, instead opting for american walnut that is brown in appearance and complements the red-tinged seats, dash and door trim. a chalet black label theme mostly consisting of two-tone cream and black colors is also available, alongside a long list of other non-black label color combos. similar to the corsair, the new nautilus will offer bluecruise 1.2, which facilitates auto-lane changes alongside its hands-free driving capabilities. as you’d expect, a wide suite of driver assistance systems will come standard on the nautilus, too, but bluecruise 1.2 will be standard on some trims and optional on others. we still don’t have a price for the new nautilus, but lincoln says it will go on sale here at the beginning of 2024. even without a price, though, lincoln says customers can order one today via the company’s website. production is moving from the current nautilus plant in ontario, canada all the way to the changan hangzhou plant in china which also produces the chinese market ford edge l and ford mondeo, (badged in other markets as the taurus) both of which are discontinued here.


date : 2023-04-18 00:00:18
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