Hummer EV SUV official range announced: 3X truck tops 350 miles

the first run of gmc hummer evs were in one single specification: pickup truck in edition 1 with all the off-road goodies. the most pertinent of those off-road upgrades to electric range being the 18-inch wheels with mud-terrain tires. and it was rated for 329 miles. but now, there are more hummer variants. the pickup truck is now available with a 3x trim that comes standard with more efficient all-terrain tires wrapped around 22-inch wheels, and there's the suv with both trims and both types of tires, not to mention a smaller battery pack. and now we have the official range estimates for them. we'll start with the hummer ev suv, since all of the official range ratings are new to us. the tires are the key factor, with the all-terrain equipped edition 1 and 3x both managing 314 miles of range. yes, this is less than even the mud-terrain-equipped truck, but that's mainly because the shorter length of the suv means it has fewer battery cells and capacity. it has about 170 kwh of capacity versus the truck's 200+. adding the extreme off-road package and its more aggressive tires drops range to 298 miles.

date : 2023-04-22 00:00:13
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