Hyundai Santa Fe spy photos show Ioniq-inspired interior

the next-generation hyundai santa fe has been caught again by a spy photographer. there's not much new to report about the exterior, but this time, the photographer managed to capture the interior, which is as heavily revised as the exterior. and like the new kona, it takes much of its design from the ioniq line of evs. immediately evident is a switch to one thin, tall, wide panel encompassing both the instrument and infotainment displays. it sits on a low dash, and it looks like there's a backing panel that runs the whole width of the dash, behind the displays. other controls sit on a shallow, angled center stack that meets a wide center console that's pretty much entirely open for storage and seems to contain two wireless charging pads. the controls consist of physical knobs and buttons, something hyundai has made a commitment to using. the open center console is made possible by a switch to a column-mounted shifter, just like that used by the kona and ioniqs. and the entire design, which puts an emphasis on simple, clean shapes and lines comes from those cars, too. there isn't anything new to report regarding the exterior, but it is still a major change from the current model. the profile is boxy and traditional. what we can see of the headlights suggests that even those parts will be square-shaped and almost a throwback to 1980s design. it's a major departure from the curvier current generation with its more swoopy, angry lighting. we're expecting the santa fe to be officially revealed toward the end of this year or early next year as a 2024 or 2025 model year. exhaust tips show that internal combustion engine options will still be offered. the current model is available with naturally aspirated and turbocharged four-cylinder engines, as well as hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants. versions of these will probably carryover to the new generation. we also wouldn't rule out the possibility of a full-electric model.

date : 2023-03-25 00:00:13
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