Jaguar Confirms Large J-Pace SUV, Plus XE and F-type Replacements

Jaguar Confirms Large J-Pace SUV, Plus XE and F-type Replacements

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  • a large j-pace suv and replacements for the xe and the f-type are all in the cards, jaguar has confirmed.
  • jaguar also says that "baby jags" called the a-pace or b-pace are possibilities.
  • jaguar gave an advance look at the lineup to world car of the year jurors.

    jaguar has confirmed that it will make a large j-pace suv and will replace the xe and the f-type. we already knew about the all-electric next-gen xj sedan, but this is the first official word about the others.

    the j-pace suv has been talked about for years. it will be larger than the mid-size f-pace, competing with the likes of the bmw x5 and porsche cayenne. we expect the j-pace to ride on the same new platform as the xj ev and use the brand's new inline-six engine.

    jaguar also confirmed that both the xe sedan and the f-type sports car will be getting "replacements," although it didn't say whether these models will be direct next-gen models or something slightly different. the xe was just facelifted for 2020, so a new generation is still at least a few years off.

    we recently saw spy photos of a facelift for the f-type, which should debut by the end of the year, but it's unclear if this is the f-type replacement that jaguar is talking about. previous rumors have pointed to an all-electric second generation of the f-type, something we think is likely, given that the xj is becoming an ev as well.

    finally, in a bit of a surprise move, jaguar mentioned that "considerably less expensive 'baby jags'" that could be called the a-pace or b-pace haven't been ruled out. given that these models were mentioned along with the other cars world car of the year jurors were shown, we think they are at least partway through the initial design phase. jaguar said the baby jags will be eligible for the organization's world urban car award in the next decade, putting them in the same size class as cars such as the kia soul.

    the electric xj should be revealed by the end of 2019, but the debut dates for these other new models are unclear. we think the j-pace is the most likely to come next, possibly debuting next year as a 2021 model. the cars shown to the jurors will be the last to be designed or influenced by ian callum, who recently left the company after 20 years and was the one presenting the new models.

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