Las Vegas–Based Company Turns School Buses into Hotels on Wheels

Las Vegas–Based Company Turns School Buses into Hotels on Wheels


A Las Vegas-based company fittingly named Mybushotel converts old school buses into dreamy hotels on wheels, and not only can you scroll through the photos of them in astonishment, but you can buy one. Oh, and they're customizable.

The Mybushotel team is made up of everyone from wood and metal experts to people with experience in the luxury hotel and event management industries. Together, they craft renovated buses built with convenience, comfort, function, and aesthetics in mind. "We only build skoolies we would live in, and we are pretty demanding," the company shares on its website.

They currently have three renovated buses–named Leon, Barbara, and Natasha–available for purchase, with prices ranging from $45,000 to $64,000. A fourth bus called Georges is coming soon. The buses vary in size, accommodating anywhere from three to eight people. All of them feature modern amenities including one main bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and a small living area. You can inquire about purchasing one of their completed buses or chat with them about getting a custom one built through a form on their website, phone, or e-mail.

Pre-pandemic, the company had their extravagant buses available for rent should customers want to use one for a road trip or small getaway. Their renting activities are currently on hold but will hopefully pick back up when it is safe to do so, according to a member of the Mybushotel team.

If you want to buy one and maybe make some money off it in the process, they suggest turning it into a backyard Airbnb. Or you can just go for it and live in the vehicle full time. There are options.

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