Michael Jordans Mercedes S600 Lorinser Seen in The Last Dance Is for Sale

Michael Jordans Mercedes S600 Lorinser Seen in The Last Dance Is for Sale

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  • michael jordan's 1996 mercedes-benz s600 lorinser is for sale.
  • we spotted the custom w140 s-class in espn's 10-part documentary the last dance.
  • the car is going up for auction on ebay later today, the beverly hills car club told car and driver.

    if you're anything like us, your favorite part of espn's recent 10-part documentary the last dance was spotting all of michael jordan's fancy whips. we saw everything from his ferrari 550 maranello to his two c4 corvette zr-1s and porsche 911 turbo slant nose cabriolet. one of the cars we spotted, a 1996 mercedes-benz s600 lorinser, is now up for sale.

    in the last dance, after michael jordan throws out the first pitch at a major-league baseball game, we see him peel off in the customized w140 s-class to escape reporters who are begging for answers on his pending retirement from the nba. this is shortly after his first three-peat with the chicago bulls. michael jordan's s600 is a coupe model, finished in green black metallic, and is equipped with 18-inch chrome monoblock wheels, a widebody kit, and a custom dual exhaust—all installed by lorinser, which is a specialist tuning company for mercedes-benz.

    the w140-generation s-class was produced from 1991 to 1998 and was available with a six-cylinder engine, two v-8s, or a v-12. the s600 was powered by the 6.0-liter v-12 that produced 389 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque and came equipped with electronically adjustable dampers. the powertrain of michael jordan's s600 coupe was not modified by lorinser; it just included the body kit and shows 157,000 miles.

    a sales rep at beverly hills car club, where the car is currently listed, told car and driver that mj's s600 lorinser is going up for auction on ebay soon. the car comes with a title that shows michael jordan as the owner of the custom benz.

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