Park a 2021 F-150 Anywhere with Fords Augmented-Reality Tool

Park a 2021 F-150 Anywhere with Fords Augmented-Reality Tool

  • since going to the dealership has gotten more difficult, ford has built an augmented-reality tool so that you can see what the 2021 f-150 would look like in your driveway without leaving your home.
  • and since it's augmented reality, you can actually put it anywhere.
  • the 2021 f-150 is expected to reach dealerships this fall.

    now that going to a dealership has gotten significantly more complicated, ford has released a new tool so you can see what a 2021 f-150 would look like in your driveway—without ever leaving your home. using a new augmented reality tool, you can use your phone to project the new f-150 anywhere you’d like, realistic or not.

    the tool works fairly well and lets you resize the f-150 so you can see how it would work in spaces where it otherwise wouldn't fit. and it lets you pretend that you have a toy-sized f-150. we virtually parked ours in parking lots, mini pools, porches—just about anywhere that we could point our phones.

    fun aside, the 2021 f-150, released in late june, received mild updates including worksite-oriented features in the cab and on the updated tailgate, as well as a new hybrid powertrain. it is expected to reach dealer lots this fall and start around $30,000 while topping out above $70,000.

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