Subaru Shows Off Custom Carbon-Bodied WRX STI for Travis Pastrana

Subaru Shows Off Custom Carbon-Bodied WRX STI for Travis Pastrana

  • this subaru wrx sti was custom built, with the help of vermont sportscar, for professional motorsports competitor and stunt performer travis pastrana as he takes the reins in gymkhana 11 from ken block.
  • this is a car ready to shred tires, from the custom subaru boxer engine to the extreme-looking wing and fins.
  • exact specs weren't released, but subaru's past vehicles for gymkhana give us high expectations for what exactly the output of this vehicle is.

    for the first time since the inception of gymkhana, ken block won’t be behind the wheel in the film; instead, for gymkhana 11, travis pastrana is taking over and his sponsor, subaru, has custom-built a wrx sti to handle whatever the pro rally driver can put it through. from a raw carbon body with an extreme aerodynamics package to a custom-made subaru boxer engine, this wrx is built to be put through the wringer.

    a huge wing shoots off the trunk of the custom sti and fins run up and down the sides of the vehicle, which, used in conjunction, should create some wild downforce. the exhaust exits from the hood, and subaru says that it'll spit fire. that should lead to some pretty exciting shots in the gymkhana film. the sti is also equipped with long-travel suspension—which we can guess will come in handy when it goes airborne. the custom work was done with the help of rally-car specialist (and subaru technical partner) vermont sportscar.

    for now, no specs on the output of this custom sti were released, but custom subaru vehicles have appeared in the series in the past. in the first installment, gymkhana practice, ken block was behind the wheel of a 2006 impreza wrx sti done by crawford performance with 530 horsepower and 525 lb-ft of torque. then in gymkhana 2, block drove a 2009 impreza wrx sti hatchback with 566 horsepower and 611 lb-ft of torque.

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    whatever is under the hood, it's more than ready to shred tires, as the video of pastrana driving the car for the first time shows.

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