The Honda e Urban EV Is a Small, Lightweight, and Torquey Recipe Destined for Fun

The Honda e Urban EV Is a Small, Lightweight, and Torquey Recipe Destined for Fun

  • the honda e zero-emissions urban ev is open to reservations from buyers in several european countries now.
  • the e's rigid lightweight, rear-wheel-drive platform with independent front and rear suspensions promise lively driving dynamics.
  • the honda e is not expected to come to the united states.

    details regarding the honda e electric car have trickled out just ahead of its scheduled u.k. debut at the 2019 goodwood festival of speed. we've been enamored with the tiny anthropomorphic zero-emissions electric urban vehicle since it appeared at the geneva auto show earlier this year, and now we have some details regarding the personality behind its cute face.

    engineered to be fun to drive as well as efficient, the honda e will have a single electric motor rated for 148 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque, all delivered through the rear wheels. a compact, lightweight 35.5-kwh battery with fast-charging capability can reach 80 percent of full charge in claimed 30 minutes on a dc power source. range is said to be more than 125 miles. no other details regarding the charging system have been revealed.

    to ensure the driving experience remains lively, honda engineers packaged the battery low in the vehicle to give it a center-of-gravity height of less than 20 inches. high-strength material contributes to a light chassis, which, teamed with a suspension strut at every corner, should allow for spirited dynamics without resorting to overly stiff springs. combined with a claimed 50/50 weight distribution, short overhangs front and rear, and a minuscule 14.1-foot turning radius, the honda e's handling should be entertaining, if not record-setting. take a look at the images of the honda e weaving through the pylons in the gallery.

    the <a href=>honda</a> e urban ev is a small, lightweight, and torquey recipe destined for fun

    one-pedal driving will be in effect, permitting the driver to accelerate and slow the car using only the accelerator pedal. we became fond of this type of system and its required driving style during our experiences with the chevrolet bolt ev, and it will be interesting to see how honda's take on the setup compares. a sport mode will also be available for those times when drivers are feeling both randy and environmentally conscious.

    the honda e is part of honda's strategy to feature electrified powertrains in all cars it sells in europe by 2025. sadly, it's not intended to be sold in the u.s. shoppers who reside in the u.k., germany, france, and norway, however, can make a reservation for priority ordering status right now; residents of other european markets can register their interest on their countries' respective honda websites.

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